Shovel Knight: Walkthrough Videos

Shovel Knight

Developer: Yacht Club Games
Genre: Action, Platform (1000181)
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo 3DS, XBox One, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, PlayStation 3
How about a retro 8-bit game that was funded on kickstarter and gets rave reviews from most major game sites? Well that is Shovel Knight. I’ve got no idea how it ever made it was ever made, but lets be thankful that it was! So go ahead, collect treasure and fight the bad guys and have a bit of fun.

Walkthrough Videos (13)

Walkthrough Videos

Level 1: Strike The Earth (Boss: Black Knight)
Level 2: Let’s Get Shoveling (Boss: King Knight)
Level 3: Justice In Spades (Boss: Specter Knight)
Level 4: For Shovelry (Bosses: Treasure Knight and Reize)
Level 5: Can You Feel The Storm (Bosses: Mole Knight, Mr Hat, BAZ)
Level 6: Steel Thy Shovel (Bosses: Plague Knight, The Black Knight)
Level 7: Something Shovel (Bosses: Tinker Knight, Phantom Striker)
Level 8: Spooky Scary Kickstarter (Bosses: Polar Knight, Ghost Of Kickstarter)
Level 9: Flight Of The Fancy (Boss: Propeller Knight)
Level 10: A Storm Of Shovels (Boss: The Black Knight)
Level 11: The Ascent – Dig Up Stupid (Boss: The Order of No Quarter)
Level 12: Finale (Boss: Enchantress)

Please let us know if these walkthroughs are correct!

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