Bloodborne: Walkthrough Videos


Developer: SCEA
Genre: Action, Adventure, Role Playing, Fantasy (1000173)
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Get ready for this action RPG where you track down the cause of a nightmarish plague and unravel the secrets of this mysterious world. This is a 3rd-person game and there is heaps of action and exploration, there are heaps of bad guys including beasts and bosses, and you need to collect a whole bunch of stuff. viadelcaffe has this rated at 92 making this a favourite!

Walkthrough Videos (50)

Walkthrough Videos

Part 1: The Hunter’s Contract
Part 2: Hunter Armour Set
Part 3: Cleric Beast Boss
Part 4: Sewer Piggy
Part 5: Boss Father Gascoigne
Part 6: Old Yharman
Part 7: Chapel
Part 8: Rogue Hunters
Part 9: Blood Starved Beast Boss
Part 10: Yahar’gul Unseen Village
Part 11: Tonitrus Electric Weapon
Part 12: Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
Part 13: Cthulhu Attack
Part 14: Hemwick Chanel Lane
Part 15: Attic
Part 16: Boss Vicar Amelia
Part 17: Boss The Witch of Hemwick
Part 18: Part 18
Part 19: Abandoned Workshop
Part 20: Machine Gun Man
Part 21: Forbidden Woods
Part 22: Nightmare Lecture Hall
Part 23: Nightmare Frontier
Part 24: Giants
Part 25: Destroyed
Part 26: Electric Wolf NPC
Part 27: Snakes & Ladders
Part 28: Pigs & Aliens
Part 29: Boss Shadow of Yharnam
Part 30: Old Lake Man
Part 31: Boss Rom the Vacuous Spider
Part 32: Chalice Dungeon
Part 33: Boss Watchdog of the Old Lords
Part 34: Yahar’gul Unseen Village
Part 35: Triple Hunters
Part 36: Boss One Reborn
Part 37: Castle Cainhurst
Part 38: Boss Martyr Logarius
Part 39: 2nd Floor Lecture Hall
Part 40: Boss Amygdala
Part 41: Upper Cathedral Ward
Part 42: Celestial Emissary & Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos (PS4 Gameplay)
Part 43: Boss Darkbeast Paarl
Part 44: Boss Micolash Host of the Nightmare
Part 45: Grossest Boss Ever!!!
Part 46: Make Contact Gesture
Part 47: Boss Mergo’s Wet Nurse
Part 48: Boss Gehrman The First Hunter
Part 49: ENDING + Final Boss Moon Presence

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