Bastion: Walkthrough Videos


Developer: Supergiant Games
Genre: Role Playing (1000225)
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, XBox One, iOS, PlayStation Vita, XBox 360
This is a fantasy RPG and you are ‘the kid’. The first thing you will notice about Bastion is the art style, it is colorful and appears hand-painted. The story is based after an apocalypse and the kid needs to collect special shards of rock so that he can power the Bastion.

Walkthrough Videos (23)

Walkthrough Videos

Part 1: The Rippling Walls
Part 2: The Wharf District
Part 3: The Workmen Ward and Breaker Barracks
Part 4: The Sundown Path
Part 5: The Melting Pot and Windbag Ranch
Part 6: The Hanging Gardens
Part 7: The Pyth Orchard and Bullhead Court
Part 8: Cinderbrick Fort
Part 9: The Langston River
Part 10: Prosper Bluff and Trapper Shingle
Part 11: The Wild Outskirts and Zulwood Grove
Part 12: The Jawson Bog
Part 13: Roathus Lagoon and Camp Dauncy
Part 14: Point Lemaign and Trigger Hill
Part 15: Colford Cauldron
Part 16: Mount Zand and Grady Incinerator
Part 17: Burstone Quarry
Part 18: Urzendra Gate
Part 19: Zulten’s Hollow
Part 20: The Tazal Terminals
Part 21: The Beginning
Part 22: The Remaining Trials

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